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Forgot AirTags. Samsung simply launched Galaxy SmartTags + with UWB expertise

Samsung recently tested an updated model of its Galaxy SmartTags object tracker. Well, the company officially launched them today, and They will go on sale April 16. And oh, they cost $ 39.99 a pop. For comparison, the Vanilla Galaxy SmartTags will save you $ 29.99. So why the $ 10 premium? The Galaxy SmartTags + also offers support for ultra-broadband technology (UWB).

Hey Apple, where are the AirTags?

And what exactly is the benefit of this UWB thingy, you might be wondering? Well, in Samsung’s words, UWB improves position and positioning accuracy. An augmented reality (AR) overlay is also used This will lead users to their missing item tracker which is definitely useful.

Just open the companion app and you’ll see directional AR signs over the camera view on the screen. And in case you were wondering, the Galaxy SmartTags + will also generate a chime to make it easier to find. The Galaxy SmartTags + object tracker works in conjunction with the SmartThings Find service.

You need a UWB-enabled Samsung phone to really justify the $ 10 premium

Note, however, that the AR overlay feature only works on phones that support UWB technology. And they should be Samsung phones too. The bad part? There aren’t many Samsung phones that are UWB capable. The only two phones with UWB support I can remember are the Galaxy S21 + and the Galaxy S21 Ultra – both cost a pretty penny. It also has a physical button that allows you to remotely perform tasks like turning off lights.

What if the Galaxy SmartTags + is out of range? In that case, just report it as missing in the app. If another Galaxy phone (not necessarily UWB-capable) is within its Bluetooth range, the tracker will automatically be connected to the SmartThings server via this phone and will send a notification on your phone about its location. And in case you are concerned, no, a stranger whose Galaxy phone was used to send the alert will not be able to detect location data as it is all encrypted.

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