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Finest iPhone 12 digicam lens protector

The iPhone 12 is a notable upgrade in several ways, but the improved imaging capabilities are the biggest improvements for me. Apple has not made any significant changes to the internal camera hardware compared to its predecessor and is also keeping the sapphire glass lens cover. Sapphire is more scratch-resistant than regular glass, but why take the risk? We’ve compiled a list of the best iPhone 12 lens protectors to help protect the two rear camera lenses in Apple’s latest offering from physical damage. Have a look:

    This bundle of two iPhone 12 lens protectors is made of tempered glass, which is 9H on the Moh hardness scale and is as hard as the commercially available glass. It should also offer a visual clarity of 99 percent and also has a special cutout for the LED flash.

    The 3-pack iPhone 12 camera lens protector from EGV is also made of high-impact toughened glass and has separate cutouts for the camera lenses, the LED flash module and the rear microphone. The scratch-resistant material has oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings on top.

    The QHOHQ 3-Pack Lens Protector for iPhone 12 is designed to provide 100 percent light transmission and ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the camera output. The material has a 9H hardness on the Moh scale, which means scratches can be easily kept at bay

    LK Store’s 3-pack iPhone 12 lens protector is one of the cheapest options on this list, but it covers all of your major needs. It’s strong enough with a durability of 9H on the Moh scale and only 1mm thick, while its design ensures you won’t have any problems using a case.

    The ORZERO 2-pack lens protector uses a scratch-resistant material that is 9H on the Moh hardness scale. It also keeps fingerprints away, uses super-adhesion technology to keep it from falling off the camera module, and is impressively thin at just 0.1mm.

    Tamoria’s 3-pack lens protector for the iPhone 12 is made of tempered 9H glass, which also has a hydrophobic coating and keeps fingerprints away. This scratch-resistant lens protector also has an oleophobic coating and offers a light transmission of 99.9 percent.

    Foluu’s iPhone12 camera lens protector includes four scratch-resistant films in the retail package, all of which are ranked 9H on the hardness scale. It has hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings on the top, while a light transmission of 99.9 percent ensures that the image quality is not affected by color casts.

    The 3-pack of the Aeska iPhone 12 camera lens protection consists of a hardened glass layer with a hardness of 9H and is scratch-resistant and also oleophobic. It is claimed to be 100 percent clear, which means you won’t notice any color casts in any pictures or videos taken by the camera.

    The 3-pack Bazo camera lens protector for the iPhone 12 uses 9H tempered glass, which is said to have a light transmission of 99.9 percent. This scratch-resistant lens protector also has oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings on the top and can also keep fingerprint marks away.

Our pick from the list of the best iPhone 12 camera lens protectors?

The QHOHQ camera lens protector for iPhone 12 is one of the best deals right now. It is made of 9H tempered glass that is as strong as possible. Aside from keeping oily smudges and fingerprints out, it is also said to offer 100 percent light transmission, meaning that image quality is free from haze or color imbalance. And the best part about it? A bundle of three camera lens protectors is only $ 8.99. This is excellent value for money.

Another great choice is the EGV iPhone 12 camera lens protector, its 3-pack retail package also includes three alcohol cleaning wipes, an equal number of dust removal stickers, and a microfiber cloth for cleaning. This impact- and scratch-resistant lens protection also offers a light transmission of 99.9 percent, which is also not too shabby and has both hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings on top.

We have a lot more fantastic iPhone 12 accessory lists on our website, so don’t forget to check them out too.

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