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Finest battery trays for iPhone 12 Professional

The iPhone 12 Pro is a notable upgrade over the iPhone 11 Pro in terms of several parameters, some of which include a faster chip at the heart, huge improvements in camera functionality, and a new MagSafe charging system. One area where Apple’s most recent offering falls short of its predecessor is in video playback time for the built-in battery, which is 17 hours for the iPhone 12 Pro and 18 hours for the iPhone 11 Pro.

While this isn’t a huge downgrade, having to look for a charging point in the middle of the day is a problem no matter what device you’re using. To save you the hassle of always having a power bank with you or looking for a charging station, we’ve put together a list of the best battery compartments for the iPhone 12 Pro. Look here:

    This 5,000 mAh battery bay from Alpatronix holds enough juice to charge the phone’s battery almost twice. If you place it on a wireless charging mat or connect it to a charger with a lightning cable, the battery of the iPhone 12 Pro can be charged first and then the battery in the case can be refilled. It has a rubberized surface for extra grip and a hard shell for protection.

    The Zerolemon iPhone 12 Pro’s 5000 mAh battery case is slightly sloped on the protective side and uses reinforced corners to prevent accidental falls. In addition, the raised bezels also protect the camera lenses. It’s also compatible with Qi-certified as well as MagSafe chargers, while the lightning connector below allows for charging, file transfer, music playback and CarPlay.

    With a battery of 6,500 mAh, the Jerss case can charge the battery of the iPhone 12 Pro twice. Wireless charging is not supported, but music playback and file transfer are enabled through the lightning port below. However, it lacks CarPlay compatibility. It also has LED lights on the back to show the battery status and a button to turn charging on and off.

    With a 4,800 mAh battery, the Suyue Y may be a great option for those looking for a thin and light iPhone 12 Pro battery bay. It has a minimalist design, has a series of LEDs on the back to show the battery level, and uses raised edges to protect the camera lenses from scratches.

    The Allezru charging case for the iPhone 12 has a 5,000 mAh battery that is said to provide enough juice for an additional 32 hours of talk time and 19 hours of video playback. The case uses soft silica gel material to ensure a good grip, while the hard shell backplate provides more structural strength.

    This Luowan charging case for the iPhone 12 Pro contains one of the largest 6,800 mAh batteries you can find in a case. Aside from the promise of solid build quality, it also allows users to listen to music through headphones with a lightning connector while charging the phone.

Our selection of the best battery cases for the iPhone 12 Pro?

Charging cases are thick, but if you absolutely need one and are also concerned about ergonomics, the Zerolemon charging case with a 5,000 mAh battery bay is the best option. Aside from supporting Qi certified and MagSafe chargers, it also works well with CarpPlay. And the best part about it? You get all of this convenience in a relatively slim form factor.

However, there is also a class of buyers who want a charging case with a huge battery. If you fall into the same category of iPhone 12 Pro users, consider buying the Luowan charging case. The 6,800 mAh battery in this case is enough to charge the iPhone 12 Pro’s battery more than twice. There are also four LEDs on the back that indicate the amount of juice remaining in the tank.

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