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With the latest generation of ceramic heating, Fara swiftly and effectively heats up your surrounding environment. The iconic and contemporary velodrome design ensures compatibility with any interior setting, meaning Fara finds a home on any surface. Smart app features and voice assistant integrations instantly upgrade your heating experience to new levels of convenience and cost efficiency. Equipped with all-encompassing safety features and crafted with flame-retardant materials, it is an ideal choice to keep your environment comfortable and safe.

  • Dynamic design. Designed to fit into any contemporary environment, without sacrificing performance
  • Versatile heater. Equipped w/ a hidden handle for easy mobility
  • 1200W heating capacity. Engineered to be compact but loaded w/ enough power to heat up an entire 215ft room
  • Smart app control. Measure your home temperature to the highest degree of accuracy
  • Smart thermostat. Measures temperature & humidity & requires no wiring or installation
  • Smart-zoning. Adjust you comfort levels on a room by room basis & waste less energy
  • Real-time cost monitoring. Stay on top of your bills from the comfort of your phone
  • Smart scheduling. Easily optimise your heating schedule on a room-by-room basis & cut your heating bills to an absolute minimum


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