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The Fara Classic Heater is a small but mighty electric heater that can heat up to 215 square feet of space. Boasting an iconic and minimalist design, this portable gadget raises the bar for flexible home heating. It also has an add-on option for smart functionality. With that, you receive a wireless smart thermostat that will unlock a host of intelligent and energy-saving features. Using these, you can save money throughout the winter. You’ll love the smart features, which include remote access and real-time cost monitoring. You’ll also be able to use smart zoning, scheduling, and more functions.

  • Dynamic design. Designed to fit into any contemporary environment, without sacrificing performance
  • Versatile heater. Equipped w/ a hidden handle for easy mobility
  • 1200W heating capacity. Engineered to be compact but loaded w/ enugh power to heat up an entire 215ft room
  • Smart app control. Measure your home temperature to the highest degree of accuracy
  • Smart thermostat. Measures temperature & humidity & requires no wiring or installation


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