Fanttik 100W Moveable Photo voltaic Panel


The Fanttik 100W Portable Solar Panel is a high-performance, foldable solar panel that can charge your battery. The Fanttik 100W Portable Solar Panel features a controller with MPPT technology for enhanced performance and efficiency of charging. This portable system comes with durable construction and water-resistant protection. Compatible with both sealed lead-acid and colloidal lead-acid batteries as well as open lead-acid batteries, this solar power system is ready to SHINE!

  • Foldable design. Easy to carry, move & store
  • Higher Efficient Sun Energy. Built with an industry-leading SunPower solar panel that converts up to 23% of received solar energy into electrical energy
  • Controller with MPPT technology. Manages power flow to maximize efficiency
  • Durably constructed. Composed of many separate monocrystalline silicons, and any damage to one of them will not affect the overall use
  • Water-resistant. Fully waterproof due to a seamless, one-piece design, making it ideal for outdoor activities
  • Durabe. The ETFE-laminated case is durable enough to extend the lifespan of the solar panel
  • Wide compatibility. This EVO Solar 100 panel can charge a wide variety of batteries

    • Fanttik power stations
    • Sealed lead-acid battery
    • Colloidal lead-acid batteries
    • Open lead-acid batteries

The Fanttik 100W Portable Solar Panel works great with the Fanttik EVO 300 Portable Power Station (sold separately). View and purchase product here.


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