Scooters And One Wheels

Electrical scooter catches hearth in Noida, the rider jumps out of shifting automobile to save lots of his life

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We just received a video via an instant messaging app which depicts another incident of an EV fire. It is being claimed that the incident took place today in Noida in the vicinity of Sector 78 or 79. The fire brigade rushed to the spot but by then the EV had already been consumed by the fire.

The problems for electric vehicles don’t seem to come to an end. Instances of EV fires keep popping up raising important questions regarding the safety of electric vehicles.

A video of another electric two-wheeler catching fire came to light today. It is being claimed that the electric two-wheeler was being used by a delivery guy and it suddenly caught fire while in motion. Following which the rider had to jump out of the moving vehicle to save his life. According to the narrative the incident took place in the vicinity of Noida Sector 78/79 (we are yet to get clarity on the exact details). The video depicts an EV on fire and people standing at a distance. It is being said that the fire brigade also rushed to the spot but the EV fire had already consumed the electric two-wheeler by then.

Unlike the US and other major countries, the EV revolution in India is being driven by electric CVs and two-wheelers. The electric two-wheelers have a major share in the EV market of India and while being posed as the future of mobility and more feasible, economic and eco-friendly options however recurring instances of electric two-wheelers catching fires do raise important safety questions involving safety standards of these electric two-wheelers.

Another instance of electric two-wheelers catching fire again raises alarming concerns regarding the safety standards of electric vehicles. Traditional internal engine vehicles have evolved over a century combustion to be more refined, safe and practical and everything that a customer needs. Traditional ICE vehicles are a product of over a century of evolution whereas the electric vehicles are a fairly new technology and have made their way into the market as there was a greater pressure for the adoption of the electric vehicles. For this we have to ask stern questions and set the strictest of safety standards for electric vehicles.

With multiple instances of EV fires we have to ask questions like. Are current EVs ready for customer use or do they need more testing before being sold in the market? Should the EV be given more room for vigorous R&D and testing before the products make it to mass market? Do the current level of EV safety and testing norms suffice or do we need to re-evaluate these standards? Is the government giving more margin for error to EV manufacturers for a hasteful push/transition to electric vehicles? EV fires do pose a major threat to human lives, so do we need to ban battery electric vehicles until they are proven safe?

*This is a developing story, keeping checking for more updates.

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