Dwelling Actions with Children Bundle


Keep little ones entertained through the long, cold days of winter with the Home Activities with Kids Bundle. It includes the courses Cooking With Kids, Quilting with Kids, and Home Science Experiments for Kids. These courses are packed full of ideas for projects, science experiments, recipes, and quilting crafts that will keep children engaged and encourage them to learn new skills and try new things. Keep them off their phone screens and tablets this season and share with them the gift of learning.

Cooking with Kids

  • Know the secret to getting kids to eat healthy foods in fun, exciting ways
  • Discover healthy recipes that kids love & parents approve
  • Learn the simple psychology behind why kids love certain foods
  • Offer healthier alternatives to children

Quilting With Kids

  • Make something new & beautiful out of old clothes and materials
  • Spend quality time with children at home being productive & creative
  • Design homemade quilts, decorations & wall hangings made with love and filled with sweet memories

Home Science Experiments for Kids

  • Learn 50 madcap science experiments to carry out with or without kids
  • Make science fun & entertaining
  • Learn an exciting, alternative to the usual games & tricks

You will be required to complete each lesson in full, and answer exams at the end of each course module. If your pass rate exceeds 55% on each exam then you are eligible to access a certificate of achievement or other accreditation options to recognize your achievement.

Most of our courses will earn you credits through Continuing Education (CE) / Continuing Professional Development (CPD). CE/CPD points are accepted and recognized by professional member bodies and academic institutions across the US and internationally.

All courses are accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards (www.icoes.org). When successfully completing a course, students can choose to purchase an ICOES certificate that recognizes the achievement, from this third-party institution.


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