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Dubai girl imprisoned for driving an e-scooter in opposition to visitors

Dubai: A Dubai e-scooter driver who resisted police seizing his bike was sentenced to three months in prison followed by deportation.

According to the Dubai Court of First Instance, a police patrol was on duty on a street in the Al Nahda area when they saw the 34-year-old Egyptian driving her e-scooter against the flow of traffic. When the policeman stopped her and asked for her ID, she lay down in front of the police car to prevent them from confiscating the e-scooter. “When I told her that her bicycle was being confiscated, she gave her ID, but then took it away and mocked us,” said the 50-year-old policeman in official documents.

The policeman was told by a second policeman who was patrolling with him that he had seen the defendant ride her bicycle against the flow of traffic in the past. “She lay down in front of the police car to prevent us from confiscating the e-scooter.”

The officer asked a policewoman to arrest the defendant and take him to the police station. The 36-year-old Emirates policeman testified that the woman refused to go to the police station and yelled at the police. “She was taken to Al Qusais Police Station to give her testimony. I took her to the detention center when she started scolding us and resisting the arrest, ”said the Emirati policewoman.

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