Scooters And One Wheels


A teenager from East Cowes who was caught drink driving on a Beryl e-Scooter early on Christmas Day has been banned from driving, just months after getting his license.

Luke Wright, 19, of Old Road in East Cowes, has pleaded guilty to a charge of drink driving in relation to an incident on Fairlee Road, Newport on the morning of 25th December last year.

Appearing at the Isle of Wight Magistrates Court on Tuesday morning, Wright stood in the dock to hear the full details of his actions as read to the court by prosecutor Liz Miller.

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The court heard that Police were driving along Fairlee Road in Newport when they spotted a male on a Beryl e-Scooter driving on the wrong side of the road and swerving all over the carriageway. He was also trying to push the motorized scooter along with his right foot.

The officers spun their vehicle around and pulled over the rider, now known to be Wright – an apprentice at GKN in his home town of East Cowes. As Wright pulled up on the grass verge he stumbled, then admitting to officers that he had fallen earlier in the night and grazed his chin. He initially gave Police a false name and age.

Police offered the 19-year-old a lift home – which he accepted – but it was during the journey to East Cowes that officers decided to breathalyse Wright, which he only successfully completed on the 4th attempt. He blew 80 at the roadside on York Avenue and was arrested.

Wright was subsequently taken into custody where he provided 2 evidential breathalyser readings, the lowest being 79. The legal limit is 35.

Defending, Jim Osborne said that his client had made a ‘stupid mistake’ by his own admission and had decided to take an e-scooter home as there were no taxis available. Mr Osborne said that Wright deeply regrets his behaviour, which has proven to be an expensive mistake – especially as he only got his driving license in August 2022.

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Magistrates handed Luke Wright a 20-month driving ban and fined him £346, as well as ordering him to pay £85 costs with a £138 surcharge. They described his actions as ‘very foolish’.

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