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Drunk police officer caught driving an e-scooter

SEOUL, March 11 (Yonhap) – A police officer was caught on an electric scooter while drunk in the greater Seoul area over an argument with a citizen and is likely to be fined, investigators said Thursday.

The 41-year-old officer was accused of driving his electric scooter on a street in Bucheon on the western outskirts of Seoul at 11.49 p.m. on Wednesday. His DUI was revealed after he argued with a motorcycle courier, according to police.

The argument allegedly began after the courier sounded the horn on the officer. The courier then called the police after smelling alcohol from the officer.

The officer refused to take an on-site alcohol test and is likely to be fined 100,000 won on DUI charges, police said, withholding his identity, except that he was a sergeant from the Samsan Police Station in Incheon, west of Seoul , is.

According to the revised Road Traffic Act, which came into force on December 10th last year, electric scooters with a top speed of less than 25 km / h and a total weight of less than 30 kg are classified as personal mobility devices.

Drunk drivers of personal mobility devices, including bicycles, are fined 30,000 won, and the penalty increases to 100,000 won for refusing sobriety tests.

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