DroneTalks Academy: a digital interactive studying platform

DroneTalks has launched a virtual, interactive learning platform to support the drone industry in Europe and around the world: the DroneTalks Academy

The drone industry is new, growing and confused for newcomers. DroneTalks Academy organizers Eszter Kovacs and Lorenzo Murzilli address the need to condense and clarify information about the drone industry for industry stakeholders. They brought together some of the best experts in the drone industry to design two digestible courses delivered live through their virtual interactive platform – with small, focused group sessions where students can share and collaborate with teachers and colleagues.

The DroneTalks Academy Executive briefing in drones is a one day virtual session that meets a real need in the industry. In this class, students learn the latest drone regulations, the key players in the system, and the best framework for clear work.

“Whether you are a decision maker in the aviation industry, a company, part of an association or a government drone program, or the founder of a start-up related to drones or traffic management – if you want to get an overview of the drone ecosystem, this is it Course for you ”, says Eszter Kovacs, founder of DroneTalks.

The First diploma in drones is a longer 6-week course designed to give participants a 360-degree overview of the drone ecosystem. As growing drone companies hire seasoned executives from other industries, this class will help bring them up to speed quickly. “This course gives students a thorough understanding of drone service technology and the regulatory implications associated with it,” says the DroneTalks announcement. “It will also address the business strategies and operational requirements stakeholders need to successfully participate in the drone ecosystem.”

“Whether you are a new hire in the drone industry, work in marketing or software development, lead a drone program or run a government project, the First Hire Diploma in Drones gives you the 360 ​​degree knowledge you need to be successful “Says Eszter.

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