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First US Airport Deployment of DroneSentry Counterdrone Technology

In a company first, DroneShield has announced the sale and deployment of the DroneSentry counterdrone system at a US international airport.

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Since the Gatwick airport incident during the holiday season of 2018, airports have struggled with the question of how to detect – and mitigate – rogue drones at airports. That incident, which cost UK taxpayers and airlines more than $65 million and stranded thousands of holiday travelers, was caused by drone operators flying commercial off-the-shelf drones in front of planes ready to take off – necessitating the cessation of flights. Stakeholders at airports all over the world have called for a solution that can identify unauthorized drones – while complying with laws that generally prohibit interference with aircraft.

“The DroneSentry system configuration provides advanced detection capability, in compliance with current US legislation for civilian airports,” says the company press release. DroneSentry uses a variety of sensors, including radar and cameras, to detect drones in the airspace. DroneShield also offers AI-based computer vision tools to track drones in real time.

The deployed system includes DroneShield’s RfOne passive long-range drone detection sensors integrated with DroneSentry-C2 command-and-control enterprise software. The system provides near real-time drone detection, tracking and reporting assisting airport authorities with security and risk assessment throughout the airspace.

Jayde Wilks, DroneShield Sales Executive, commented, “As more drones take to the sky every year, it increases the risk profiles for airports. Drones can damage, or even bring down, an airliner with contact. Reports of airport disruptions due to drones continue to rise, and the safety risk and cost involved from plane diversions and flight disruptions can be significant. With this and future airport deployments, we look forward to helping address this risk.”

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