Drones for the Skydio Police webinar February 24th

Drones are undoubtedly a valuable tool for public safety agencies. The city of Chula Vista was a leader in the use of drones as first responders, led by UAS Commander and Patrol Captain (retired) Fritz Reber. Now Reber has come to Skydio as Head of Public Security and ready to share his experience with drones for the police.

Skydio drones for the police

Skydio’s autonomous drones are ideal for public safety applications, allowing officers to focus on the mission, while drones provide valuable situational awareness – an additional level of understanding of active scenes that provides critical safety for officers and the community . Skydio’s US-made products are a trusted platform that any government agency can use with confidence.

“Drones have become valuable tools for showing police officers active scenes in the air, such as responding to emergencies, conducting search and rescue missions, and gathering evidence from privileged angles,” says Skydio. “However, traditional manual drones require extensive training and place a high cognitive burden on officers who should concentrate on the mission. By leveraging this next generation of aerial intelligence, public safety agencies can improve the operation of teams, increase the safety of their personnel and move drones from valuable to indispensable force multipliers. “

In this webinar, Fritz Reber will speak to Mauricio Barra, Senior Director of Product Marketing, about the Chula Vista Police’s internationally recognized Drone-as-First-Responder (DFR) program in collaboration with the FAA’s San Diego Drone Integration Pilot Program . IPP). Don’t miss this opportunity to learn firsthand how drones are best used for the police force and how Skydio’s autonomous drones are contributing to the sector. Register here for the free webinar on Wednesday, February 24th at 1:00 p.m. EST.

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