Drones for Colleges: North Carolina Educator UAS Cohort

As the drone industry evolves, the benefits of drones for schools are becoming apparent. For students, they are an interesting and fun way to access information about all kinds of things, from weather patterns to programming. For industry, the use of drones in schools is attracting the next generation of workforce to join the field.

Getting drones into the hands of educators is a challenge – but only the first challenge to successfully integrate drones into STEAM educational programs. Educators now work harder than ever and require more than hardware and software to make a drone program work. In addition to drones and curricula, educators need training, support, and a place to ask questions.

The North Carolina Educators UAS Cohort (NCEUASC) is a model that really works. NCEUASC is a partnership between the North Carolina Business Committee for Education, a corporate-led, nonprofit education company. the North Carolina DOT; Nine ten drones; STEMERALD city; and now as a proud media partner DRONELIFE.

The cohort provided all members with a Tello EDU Fly More Kit and one-year membership with the drone curriculum provider DroneBlocks. Now the cohort is providing educators with the support and training they need to use these tools effectively – and to get the most out of adding drones to their STEAM curriculum. UAS industry expert Paul Rossi and Master STEAM Coach Jeff Epps connect with more than 60 educators across NC each month through live virtual meetings, pre-recorded tutorial videos and one-on-one conversations to support the adoption of drones as an educational tool. “NCEUASC is committed to helping educators in North Carolina integrate drones as educational tools into classrooms in elementary, middle, and high schools across the state,” said Rossi.

In May, NCEUASC is hosting a virtual competition for North Carolina students. Members of the cohort will coach teams of 4 students through May to prepare them for a fun and educational competition that will prepare the next generation workforce in North Carolina for the growth of the drone industry.

Getting drones into the hands of educators is important. The support and training they need is equally important to the success of school drone programs. The North Carolina Educators UAS Cohort is a working model that supports teachers and students.

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