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SPH Engineering’s Drone Show Software (DSS) team initiated the 1st International Drone Show Choreography Competition – and now we have a winner! Angelito D. Jadormeo from the Philippines took 1st place and you can see his amazing animation below. “The entries were judged by an internationally influential jury made up of experts from drone exhibitions in the EU, North and Latin America and Australia and experienced entrepreneurs,” said a press release.

The competition task was to use the Blender animation software to create a New Years animation with 50 drones and a maximum length of 5 minutes. The participants were allowed to use any shape and color. Angelito D. Jadormeo, the winner, rates the task as challenging: He had to think about the concept that not only includes a beautiful design “as is”, but can also be used once in flight. “You have to plan things, For example, if you want to manipulate your design in a 3D application of your choice, whether it’s a rotating object, a title object, or something with more than one articulation. If your design needs dynamics and some sort of procedural animation, what light colors should it display, etc., ”he explains.

A 9-member jury rated each submission from 1 to 10 in 4 areas: “Technical correctness of the animation, artistic value, according to the theme of” Winter Holidays / New Year “, visual impact.”

“I’m excited to introduce new animation designer names to companies in the rapidly evolving drone show industry. We received 153 registrations from over 50 countries. In view of the high quality of the submissions, we selected three winners as planned and added some favorites to the jury, ”comments Alexey Dobrovolskiy, CTO at SPH Engineering.

Marc Loosli, CTO & Co-Founder of Swiss Drone Show Ltd., adds: “I am pleased with the number of participants in the competition and especially with the creative and exciting shows that have been submitted. I’m glad there were so many attendees who created a drone show for the first time, and hopefully we were able to inspire them for more creative shows. “

In addition to Angelito D. Jadormeo, Isabel Caballero Fernández (Mexico, 2nd place), Fu Chongyang (China, 3rd place), Julien James Davis (Great Britain), Hein Htet Zaw (Myanmar) and Oscar Stefanini are other top 5 designers ( France). All designers receive certificates, free training courses on Drone Show software (worth EUR 12,000 each) and marketing support. The winner of the first and second prize will receive a free iPhone 12 and the Apple Watch Series 6.

More information about the competition can be found at https://www.droneshowsoftware.com/competition#winners.

See the full winner animation below !!

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