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The Polish autonomous drone startup Dronehub is working with the European real estate surveillance company RCS Engineering to develop a security system that combines security detection and drone technology.

With the new integration, RCS’s security detection software would trigger autonomous drones to respond to property invasion incidents, reducing the cost of manned security. Think of a guard dog with wings.

“Working with RCS Engineering is another step in the development of Dronehub and a confirmation that the future of surveillance in industrial and private areas is drone-based technology,” said Vadym Melnyk, CEO of Dronehub.

“The systems of both companies are based on modern technology, autonomy and exceptional functionality. The integration of these systems will create a completely new quality and new possibilities in the plant and property protection industry. “

By combining the two companies, the drone solutions provided by Dronehub will be combined with the building infrastructure management software of the RCS. Sensors placed around a fence alert security personnel to threats.

“The signal is received by the drone, which autonomously guides itself to the specified location and sends the image and information about the security breach to the application,” said Melnyk.

“This enables workers to take appropriate safety measures. This innovative solution increases the security of the facility while reducing costs and manpower. “

“We have been looking for new development paths and solutions that meet the requirements of strategic customers for a long time,” said Marek Majchrzak, Managing Director of RCS Engineering.

“As we knew our product and the enormous range of functions, we lacked a modern technology partner in the UAV sector. Dronehub just developed the complete product we were looking for. “

Last year, Dronehub raised $ 516,075 in pre-seed funding to scale its autonomous drone-in-a-box solution worldwide. This funding round was led by private investment groups.

Drone in a box

The drone-in-a-box paradigm is as simple as it sounds – a stand-alone platform that can automatically launch multiple drones on almost continuous mission profiles and provide constant charging power, often autonomously or semi-autonomously. The idea? Push a button and the boxed drone will do the rest.

While use cases cover the spectrum of applications such as inspection and surveying, most of the DIB mission profiles focus on drone safety. “Air guards” can monitor sensitive facilities or critical infrastructures such as nuclear power plants, military outposts, ports and government complexes on an automated schedule. These systems can also carry out autonomous inspection missions for farms, mines and construction sites.

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