Doosan is a companion of Iris Automation and Drone America

Doosan partners with Iris Automation and Drone America for BVLOS commercial flight.

Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) announced a partnership with Iris Automation and Drone America. The companies will work together to integrate technology and share operational resources to test and evaluate aircraft platforms and infrastructure to support BVLOS commercial operations.

Doosan, which has been manufacturing fuel cell technology since 2014, offers miniaturized fuel cell-powered systems for use in drones. Doosan’s hydrogen fuel cell technology offers up to four times higher energy density than conventional lithium batteries and a zero emissions profile, according to DMI’s research and testing.

“The potential of hydrogen fuel cell drone technology, which provides the endurance and performance required for autonomous UAV flight with zero CO2 emissions, is enormous,” said Soonsuk (Fran) Roh, DMI manager for America and Business Development Oceania. “This partnership is a great way to fuel the progress we can make by working with two pioneers at the forefront of real-world UAV innovation to actually launch BVLOS services.”

Iris Automation’s Casia gives UAVs the ability to see and react to the environment, enabling real-time airspace detection during BVLOS operations.

“The journey to higher density of zero-emission fuel is a major breakthrough for long-range drone operations,” said Lori DeMatteis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Iris Automation. “As part of the overall drive to scale, it makes commercial operations increasingly profitable and cost effective. Given Doosan’s and Drone America’s leadership in this area and their very practical role in making drone operations possible, we look forward to working with them. “

Drone America specializes in midsize to large unmanned aircraft and provides commercial flight services for first responders, critical deliveries, and infrastructure surveys and inspections. Drone America is currently developing a fleet of certified, over 55 lb. Plane. The fleet will include both Doosan’s and Iris’s Casia fuel cell systems.

“Shaping the future of BVLOS commercial isn’t always about one person, it’s about the team that makes it all possible,” said Mike Richards, President and CEO of Drone America. “From design, engineering and production to air services, certification and training, everyone here represents the best at their job and a team that Drone America is proud of.”

Doosan Mobility Innovation, Iris Automation and Drone America look forward to showing how their combined experience, technology and expertise can help shape the future of BVLOS ‘commercial operations. Companies will attend CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada, where those interested can meet with representatives at Doosan’s booth # 5318.

Read more about Doosan’s hydrogen fuel cell technology and obstacle avoidance aboard Iris Automation.

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