Doosan hydrogen drones fly within the Netherlands

Doosan hydrogen drones will fly in the Netherlands and test offshore solutions such as drone delivery, marine surveillance and search and rescue.

The South Korean Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) has signed a contract with the Dutch government agency NHN (Development Agency Noord-Holland Noord, NHN), a regional development organization and government agency for the METIP project to support maritime economic development.

As part of the METIP project, METIP partner DroneQ Aerial Services will be the local drone service provider operating the Doosan hydrogen drones. Doosan’s solutions have “powerhouses” for hydrogen fuel cells that give their commercial platforms more than 2 hours of flight time. Projects include drone delivery, lifesaving applications such as search and rescue, environmental monitoring, facility inspection and reconnaissance.

Doosan already participated in a project with the US Department of Health in 2019 to deliver aid between islands at a distance of 70 km. and has customers around the world who use their aircraft for commercial PPE delivery, search and rescue, and gas pipeline surveillance. The company hopes that participation in the METIP project in the Netherlands will lead to a larger market share in Europe.

Doo-Soon Lee, CEO of DMI, said, “This North Sea project is based on real demand from energy companies. If this project is successfully completed, we expect that it will be of great help with product promotion. We will develop a business model project that applies and uses various empirical data and uses this as a basis for entering the European market. “

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