Does Motorola work on a smartphone with 4 curves?

It is rumored that Motorola is working on its next flagship, the successor to the Motorola Edge +. It was suggested that the device was code-named “Nio”, but it was later revealed that the Nio was actually a Moto G-series device with the previous generation’s flagship chipset. Now, renders of a mysterious Motorola phone have made the rounds on Weibo. While these look like something Motorola may be working on, they are likely fan-made renders. Therefore, we recommend that you take this information with a grain of salt.

This could be the Motorola Edge + successor

The leaked images suggest the upcoming Motorola Edge device may have its own Curved edges on all four sides of the display. There is a small hole cutout The selfie shooter is located in the upper center of the display. It seems like the smartphone has one remarkably high screen-to-body ratio. In addition, the screen is tilted with one Fingerprint sensor in the display. Hence, we expect to be a premium device from the company. It might as well be their next flagship.

The same Weibo source also revealed the wiring diagrams on the back of the phone. It suggests the presence of a Quad rear camera setup housed in a rectangular module in the middle of the top half of the rear. Three of these cameras are arranged linearly vertically, while the fourth camera is next to the central lens. Below you can see the USB Type-C port, speaker, and a SIM card tray.

The mysterious phone seems very elegant in design. It could be the Motorola Edge + successorwhich is likely powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset. However, there is no other information that we currently know. So we encourage readers to wait for more leaks to confirm if this is even real.

Via: Gizmochina

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