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Design & NEW costs LEAKED! (Video)

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, iPads, and more are on sale today

The official news today, in another short week, as we’re celebrating the holidays, starting with deals as always. Let’s start Samsung deals today, although today we have a twist. Some of them don’t require you to trade a device, others do. You can save the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra for $ 282 while leaving the entry-level Mystic Bronze for $ 1018. The Galaxy S20 + is also priced at $ 387, priced at $ 812. Now if you have a device to trade in, Black Friday deals are still running, so the Z Fold 2 is only $ 1000. However, you will have to exchange a suitable device again. The latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro is $ 150 and the 256GB storage model is $ 949. Now the regular iPad costs $ 34 less and the 128GB model is $ 395 less. Finally, let’s move on to the Jabra earbuds. The Elite 85T are currently priced at $ 30 and run up to $ 200. The 85h I recommend for this weather is a cool $ 16 off so it stays at $ 234, or you can get the 65t for $ 44 off at $ 76. We have other offers for Amazon Smart Speakers, other iPads and other Samsung products.

According to reports, Microsoft is working on in-house developed chips for Surface PCs and servers

It’s been about a month since we’ve used Apple Silicon Macs, and we can confirm that is all. So it looks like other companies want to follow up on this formula. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Microsoft is relying on chip designs from ARM to create a custom chip that will power the server computers as part of their Azure cloud computing system. The report adds that they are looking into using another chip that could power some of their Surface PCs. And of course, Microsoft isn’t new to this, as they have worked with Qualcomm in the past to develop the SQ1 and SQ2 processors for the Surface Pro X, as well as with AMD in other cases. However, Bloomberg claims that this project would be something completely different from Microsoft, so it sounds like they are following in Apple’s footsteps to get an internal chip like the one we got with the M1s. It’s all interesting, and of course we’re looking forward to the competition. I just wonder how Intel is feeling right now.

OnePlus 8T Concept has a color-changing back and cool technology that you don’t need

We come to OnePlus, as they have had a very interesting year and are now showing us their second concept phone for 2020. If you remember CES, OnePlus showed us the concept when trade shows were one thing that had this disappearing camera that worked like an ND filter. Well, the company just went on YouTube and showed us a phone with a color shifting back. OnePlus describes this as a quasi-wavy, quasi-flowery pattern that changes color by using an “electrical color material and finish,” which causes the panel to change from dark blue to light silver and should breathe with you. Apparently the material contains metal oxide in the glass which varies color at different voltages which are actually used with mmWave to create this effect. So yes, OnePlus claims that they have no plans to release it or sell it commercially, but it’s nice to see that they are still innovating. We just hope that the entire control panel will change color when they actually start one, or that it will step in to correct the camera results.

New iPads with OLED displays can arrive by 2022

Let’s move on to Apple now because there has been a ton of rumors about the upcoming iPads as well as the new display technology they will be using over the past few weeks. Apple plans to switch to miniLED displays for Macs and iPads in early 2021. However, some reports claim that they will switch to OLEDs soon after, at least on iPads. Well, according to a Barclay analyst, these OLED iPads might not come in 2021 after all. This research report claims that we will likely see an iPad with an OLED display in 2022 at the earliest, and I mean, this timing actually makes more sense as the other predictions suggest that they will only herald a few iPads with miniLED displays and OLEDs start that same year. Apple has been using OLED panels on iPhones for some time. It would be interesting to see how iPads evolve. However, we are also excited to see what these miniLED displays can do as they offer some of the OLED benefits for LCDs.

The new iPhone 13 could finally arrive with a smaller notch

Since we started with Apple, let’s talk about the iPhone 13 now as it looks like we could possibly get a change that is long overdue. According to a new DigiTimes report, the iPhone 13 will finally bring a smaller notch than usual. They claim this is going to happen because the 3D sensor for Face ID is getting smaller and smaller, which means the iPhone 13 will still take a notch but will be significantly smaller than what we currently have. In addition, the 13 line is expected to bring revised camera sensors. Apparently all models will now come with the LiDAR or ToF sensor, with the Pro models getting an extra telephoto lens, which we covered in previous leaks. This will help the cheaper models in both low light and portraits. Now we’re pretty early on the leak cycle so we should take this with a grain of salt, but multiple leaks have already indicated that these phones bring a smaller notch. The reason this isn’t the hottest news is because we’ve heard this repeatedly.

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra leak has new pictures and specs

New prices for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series have been announced

And finally, the hottest news today has to do with Samsung and the highly anticipated and leaked Galaxy S21 series, and yes, the leaks are probably at their peak right now. We’ve already seen the devices in multiple renders and videos, but these new leaked images seem like the real deal. We have some new renders of the Galaxy S21 Ultra from WinFuture and Evan Blass, all of which show the new design and wallpapers. We see the new camera module with the 4 lenses and again it seems much more flushed to the rest of the phone compared to previous Ultras, but somehow the design language of the fairing is used for the hump. This camera array will consist of a 108-megapixel main sensor, two 10-megapixel telephotos, and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide sensor. The display is a typical Samsung display with slightly narrower bezels and supposedly a smaller hole. The specs for this phone include either the Exynos 2100 or the Snapdragon 888, 12GB of RAM, and up to 512GB of onboard storage. Well, something we didn’t talk about on the show is leaked price tags and it looks like it’s going to get cheaper. A Galaxy Club leak claims that the S21 would start at around $ 850, the S21 + at around $ 1050, and the Ultra at around $ 1250, all $ 100 to $ 200 cheaper than the S20 line.

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