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Covid-19 impacts motorbike and scooter gross sales in April 2021: Hero MotoCorp and Royal Enfield report double-digit decline

The domestic and total sales figures cannot be compared year-on-year here, as no vehicle was sold in April 2020 due to the nationwide lockdown. For this reason, we compared the sales from month to month.

Numerous manufacturers have announced a temporary shutdown of their plants in the last few days. With bans in place in several parts of India, vehicle sales have certainly been negatively impacted. Hero MotoCorp and Royal Enfield have reported a double-digit drop in sales for two-wheel manufacturers on the MoM (Month-on-Moth) basis. Last month, the country’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer sold a total of 3,72,285 units. However, the company posted a 35.47 percent drop in sales from the previous month, as sales stood at 5.76,957 units in March 2021. Of the total of 3.72,285 units Hero MotoCorp sold in April 2021, 3.39,329 units were bikes while the remaining 32,956 were scooters. In addition, of the total, 3.42,614 units were sold in the domestic market while 29,671 units were exported.

Regarding the other manufacturer, Royal Enfield has sold a total of 53,298 motorcycles in the last month. Compared to the previous month, the company recorded another 19 percent decline in sales, as the brand sold 66,058 motorcycles in the previous month, i.e. in March 2021. Of the total units sold by the manufacturer, 48,789 motorcycles were sold in the US state. In the domestic market, the remaining 4,509 units were exported. The export front saw a massive 4,855 percent year-over-year increase as the company exported just 91 units in April 2020.

It should be noted that the previous year’s sales data for domestic and total sales are not comparable here as both Hero MotoCorp and Royal Enfield reported zero sales in April 2020. The reason for this was exactly a year ago, the whole country was in a complete lockdown, and therefore manufacturers couldn’t even sell a single unit. Other manufacturers will announce their sales numbers shortly, and we expect a similar trend in numbers given the current situation.

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