Scooters And One Wheels

Common Visitor involves the rescue after a girl’s mobility scooter dies

Photo credit: Universal (left) Hayley C. (right)

When guests visit Universal Orlando Resort, it’s the team members who make guest’s day special every time they visit. However, sometimes guests can make other guests feel the same way!

There is always the chance that another guest in the park will notice when someone else is in need instead of waiting for someone else to notice. Hayley C. recently enjoyed herself with her service dog in the parks (Universal Studios Florida / Islands of Adventure) on a trip to the Universal Orlando Resort on a rainy day.

Photo credit: Universal

Her electric scooter had technical difficulties on the way back to her parking garage. Hayley isn’t sure what exactly went wrong as the rain may have caused a problem. She didn’t have a charger with her so she started pushing the scooter through CityWalk. Hayley was in pain pushing the scooter alone, and when a guest saw her pushing alone, she joined in. The woman helped Hayley push him to her car. Without this help, the pain Hayley was in would have been much greater!

Photo credit: Hayley C.

In her own words, Hayley shared:

Just wanted to share a great experience yesterday!

My service dog and I went to the parks, had a great afternoon in the rain. However, when I met Starbucks on the way back to the garage, my electric scooter battery was dead. We think something to the rain shorted it (could have been a problem with the power meter).

I spent 20 minutes pushing it from Starbucks to the middle of the first sidewalk and was in quite a bit of pain.

A great woman came running and helped me push her up to my vehicle

It was an act of kindness that was so beautiful.

When we got to my vehicle I was limping and in such severe pain, but imagine what it would have been like if I had pushed all the way alone!

(From now on I’ll pack a charger just in case)

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Photo credit: Universal

It seems this could save the difficult end of a fun day by sharing her kindness and help with Hayley! It just shows that guests have a lot more power than they think they can to influence the lives of those around them.

Have you ever had a guest who worked for you at an amusement park?

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