Coke, DroneUp and Walmart be part of forces on launch

Image courtesy of the Coca-Cola Company

The world’s largest retailer is actively tracking drone deliveries and exploring applications for residential real estate delivery across the country. This week, beverage giant Coca-Cola teamed up with drone service provider DroneUp and Walmart to launch the new Coca-Cola with coffee and deliver samples to residents of Coffee County, GA.

Image courtesy of the Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola with coffee is exactly what it sounds like – Coca-Cola with Brazilian coffee for times when you just can’t choose between your two favorite drinks. Apparently it’s a winner: over 80% of people who try say they’ll buy it. The drink was first launched in Japan in 2018 and is now available in the US with the formula adapted to local tastes. “Coca-Cola with coffee is available nationwide in three typical flavors – Dark Blend, Vanilla and Caramel – and its sugar-free counterpart is available in Dark Blend and Vanilla. All varieties are shelf stable and contain 69 mg of caffeine per 12 ounces. can, ”says the Coca-Cola company.

Image courtesy of the Coca-Cola company

Coca-Cola with coffee is a new concept for the US: It is introduced with another new concept, the delivery of drones. “Coca-Cola is partnering with Walmart and DroneUp, a statewide drone service provider, to bring Coca-Cola with coffee and Coca-Cola with sugar-free coffee to the ‘busy’ community of Coffee County, Georgia,” he says Coca -Cola announcement. “On January 25, select consumers who live in a single family home within a mile of the Walmart Supercenter in Coffee County will be able to choose safe delivery of Coca-Cola with coffee and Coca-Cola with coffee without sugar via drone delivery . “

DroneUp received an FAA waiver of flight over people and moving vehicles last month, which makes drone delivery to populated areas easier: the delivery of Coca-Cola with coffee is done within sight. This latest project follows DroneUp’s delivery of COVID test kits to residents in Las Vegas, NV. This collaboration between Coca-Cola, DroneUp and Walmart brings drone delivery to more mainstream consumers and is helping to make the application aware of the application across the country.

As for the new drink, Coca-Cola with coffee? Tom Walker, CEO of DroneUp, had to try. “It’s not bad!” he reports.

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