Cloud Photogrammetry Resolution: Microsoft, SimActive Collaborate

Microsoft Collaborates with SimActive on a Cloud Photogrammetry Solution

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Microsoft has announced a collaboration with Canada-based SimActive Inc., creators of the Correlator3D mapping platform, to demonstrate a cloud photogrammetry solution.  Using the SimActive Correlator3D software on the Microsoft cloud platform, the partnership is able to deliver a cloud-based solution for real-time data processing, analysis, and decision-making for global defense and intelligence.

As drones become a critical tool in both commercial and military operations, drone image processing solutions have also risen in importance.  SimActive’s Correlator3D was developed more than two decades ago to meet military needs for an easy-to-use and faster processing mapping solution in the field.  Now, SimActive has expanded its offering to include processing of images from multiple sources: satellite, manned aircraft, and drone.

Now, cloud computing adds a new facet of capability for military or civil customers.  “Cloud computing has emerged as a transformative technology, offering unparalleled scalability, agility, and accessibility for information-driven operations,” says the SimActive announcement. “Images from UAV and other sensors can be processed via a tactical cloud platform to enhance decision advantage and support survivability in a dispersed nodal command and control environment.”

“We are already witnessing a rapid increase in the number of intelligence data points, and multiples of sensor feeds needing to be processed”, said Jonathon Beesley, Director Business Strategy, Worldwide Public Sector Defense and Intelligence at Microsoft.  “We are therefore pleased to work with SimActive to demonstrate the integration of feeds from multiple remote and autonomous sensors.”

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