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Chester’s e-scooter program is about to develop after drivers have coated almost 65,000 miles

Chester’s e-scooter program expands after drivers have covered nearly 65,000 miles.

Cheshire West and Chester Council, in collaboration with e-scooter provider Ginger, launched a 12-month test version of e-scooters in December 2020 as part of an initiative by the Department of Transport (DfT) to promote more environmentally friendly travel methods.

Since then, e-scooter trips in Chester city center have covered 64,191 miles – more than enough to travel the earth two and a half times.

Now the program is being expanded to include the 40 available e-scooters, which will soon be 100 across the city.

Twenty additional Dockless parking spaces will be added to improve access to various locations including Sealand Road Park & ​​Ride.

The new e-scooters will include the updated 2.3 model, which includes an internal tracking device instead of an external one.

They have a double stand instead of a single stand to improve stability when stationary, and a tougher rear fender, vehicle enhancements among other things.

To support the successful expansion, Ginger, in partnership with local company Dandy’s Nationwide Landscape Supplies Ltd, is now offering secure storage, the latest solar panels and Tesla battery chargers to power and charge the e-scooter fleet.

This means that any scooter that drives around the city of Chester on a Ginger rental e-scooter is now 100 percent sun-powered.

The pay-as-you-go scooters are rented via a mobile app that already has 5,810 registered local users who have made an average of 15 trips each.

Council Vice-Chair and Cabinet Member for Environment, Highways and Strategic Transport, Councilor Karen Shore, said, “Our e-scooter study provides cleaner, more efficient and more affordable travel for local communities and complements the council’s broader transport initiatives.

“With the lockdown restrictions hopefully being relaxed in the future, the e-scooters will also help visitors explore our many attractions and support the city center economy.

“The e-scooters have proven to be the most popular with Garden Lane residents who have made 2,287 journeys, followed by White Friars 1,473 journeys and Chester Bus Interchange with 1,028 journeys, followed closely by Chester Railway Station with 1,018 journeys.”

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Councilor Matt Bryan, Cabinet Member for the Climate Emergency, said, “E-scooters offer a healthier, greener alternative to using the car for shorter trips and will also help fight air pollution.

“Since the start, it has been calculated that all these e-scooter trips through the city saved around 18,836 kg of CO2 if these trips were made in a gasoline or diesel car.”

The scooters will only move if unlocked by a valid driver’s license holder. They are turned off if taken to a place that is not approved for their use and there is a speed limiter.

Ginger manages the e-scooter in Chester. Full information, FAQs and maps for the Chester Program can be found on the website.

Users need to download the Ginger Shared Transport App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The e-scooters cost £ 2 for every 20 minutes of travel time and 50p for every 10 minutes of break time.

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