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Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, reveals what he is doing subsequent

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei left the company in October 2020. He has been far from media attention since then. After two months of exit, we now know what the Swedish entrepreneur is planning. He’s building a new startup. in addition, He raised USD 7 million for his new audio startup. This company is slated to hit the market sometime in 2021.

According to Techcrunch, Pei has raised $ 7 million from high profile investors for its new hardware company. The entrepreneur said he received seed funding from his friends and private investors, including Tony Fadell (principal at Future Shape and inventor of the iPod). YouTuber Casey Neistat, Kevin Lin (co-founder of Twitch), Steve Huffman (CEO of Reddit), Liam Casey (founder and CEO of PCH), Paddy Cosgrave (founder of Web Summit), Josh Buckley (CEO of Product Hunt) and a Group of former and current Truecaller employees Kim Fai Kok, Nick Dahl and Zakaria Hersi.

Pei says he has plans to use the fresh capital to set up an office in London, hire talent, and fund product research and development. He also posted a “We’re hiring” tweet leading to the page of open positions in cities like Bangalore, India and London, UK.

I am grateful and very excited to have friends of this caliber to help us build the next steps. We plan to act aggressively against our vision and can’t wait to see how the market will react. This seed capital investment will support the creation of a London headquarters, recruitment of the team and funding of ongoing product research and development.

Carl Pei

While Pei is still up to date on his upcoming venture, a report from Wired claims so His next brand is audio-related. In addition, we can expect the first products to hit the market next year. Pei has also said his company will have a broader focus than just headphones.

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