Cardi Mate Premium Plan: Lifetime Subscription


Take control over your health with Cardi Mate. Knowing your vital signs is half the battle in protecting your well-being and improving your lifestyle. Think of Cardi Mate as your personal healthcare diary. In the app, you can track and record your vital signs — all in one easy-to-access place. Store data, use the app to monitor changes in your charts, and keep an eye on your health stats. Track your health progress as you go and make sure to record those vital details in the diary.

#47 in Health & Fitness with 4.6/5 stars on App Store: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Personal statistics. Track changes in your vitals, monitor your health, & more
  • Health diary. Log your heart rate statistics real-time
  • Heart age. Tells you the actual age of your most vital organ
  • Heart rate variability. Gives you an accurate measurement of each heartbeat
  • Stress check. Monitors your stress levels
  • Pulse tracking. Functions as a personal healthcare diary, enabling users to conveniently record & monitor their vital signs, track health changes, and maintain a comprehensive overview of their well-being.


Cardi Mate’s content is NOT medical advice, a diagnosis, or a treatment plan for any type of heart disease. And it should never be substituted for a treatment plan by your doctor or specialist. If you are experiencing any medical heart condition or have concerns, please consult your healthcare provider before commencing any program

NOTE: The app does NOT measure blood pressure & oxygen levels, you can only record and keep metrics


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