Callaway Trek Compact Golf Push Cart


Say goodbye to shoulder and back pain! The Callaway Trek Compact Push Cart is the perfect route to go for any level golfer. The four-wheel base adds extra layers of stability and the rustic aluminum frame construction makes this golf cart lighter than it seems, weighing in at only 18.5 pounds. The height is adjustable to provide you with ultimate enjoyment during your round of 18. Plus, there’s added foam on the handle for additional comfort.

  • 4-Wheel base. Prevents the cart from easily tipping over on uneven terrain
  • Compact design. Can be folded down into a compact size for easy & convenient transport & storage
  • Durable construction. Never have to worry about taking your push cart golf caddy out on damp morning rounds
  • Adjustable handle. Designed to be comfortably used for any height & features
  • Convenient accessories. Includes all the golf push cart accessories you need when on the course

    • Scorecard holder
    • Umbrella & drink holder
    • Mesh storage bag
    • Foot brake


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