Bosma Fingerprint Keypad for Aegis Sensible Door Lock


The Bosma Fingerprint Keypad is a powerful and convenient add-on for the Bosma Aegis Smart Door Lock. It allows you to leave your home without worrying about forgetting your phone or key, as you can simply one-tap on the fingerprint reader to unlock the door when you return home.

With the addition of the Keypad, you can also share door access with your guests, tenants, or service providers with more ease and full control, as you can create temporary passcodes for them and manage the passcodes from anywhere. It also provides sufficient security with the Anti-peep Unlock and Suspicious Activity Alert features. Installation is as simple as sticking it onto the wall or front door, or you can also install it with the provided screws.

IMPORTANT: The keypad must be paired with an Aegis Wi-Fi Gateway (included in Aegis package). It cannot be paired with a Sentry Doorbell.


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