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  • YOUR THERAPEUTIC PARTNER AT HOME OR ON-THE-GO – The BioLux, by LifePro, is a revolutionary portable near infrared, & red light therapy wand with specially-selected frequencies selected for your optimal wellness.
  • RELIEVE YOUR PAIN, STIFF JOINTS & MUSCLE TIGHTNESS – The 808nm near infrared light therapy frequency is known to penetrate deeply into tissues, organs, & joints to decrease inflammation, relieve pain, & repair your cells.
  • HELP YOURSELF TO BETTER-LOOKING SKIN – Improving on the red light 670nm frequency, the 650nm red light lamp frequency can easily be absorbed by skin to combat the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles by improving your blood circulation, and stimulating collagen & elastin production.
  • EASILY SPEED UP YOUR ATHLETIC & POST-INJURY RECOVERY – The combined 650nm, & 808nm near infrared therapy frequencies can help you tackle both recovery of scar tissue, & pain from injuries, making coming back from a sprain or hard fall easier.
  • HELP YOUR PETS TO A BETTER LIFE – A Pain Relief Therapy Device using red light, like the BioLux, can can also help your pets with reducing pain & skin troubles! Give fluffy the quality of life he deserves with the same great device you, yourself use!


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