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Start: Drone Racing shows you what it is like to start your own career as a drone racing driver. This new fast-paced drone racing simulator for consoles offers different game modes for single player and multiplayer for up to 6 players and is the perfect alternative to fly a drone on days with bad weather.

Challenge yourself in races against computer pilots or friends, in time trials or in the single player career mode that starts at the very beginning of the fascination of the young drone race in 2015 and guides you through its history. Make a name for yourself by competing in smaller races first and climbing the leaderboard – challenge after challenge – for your chance of winning the big races. During the campaign, players unlock more and more drone parts that they can use to upgrade their drones.

With the Workbench you can build and customize your drone with over 100 different drone parts such as frames, batteries, motors, props, cameras and antennas from more than 13 originally licensed brands such as Rotor Riot, Armattan and Flite Test. Start: Drone Racing offers you realistic and authentic simulated drone physics. Each drone part changes the properties of the drone. Discover 12 different maps, each with multiple tracks and a day and night mode. Fly races or organize a free flight in famous places like Paris or the Hanover Exhibition Center.

Even if you are new to drone flying, a built-in assistive mode called Assisted Flight mode will help you get started. In combination with an extensive tutorial from experienced drone expert Joshua Bardwell, you will quickly get to know the most important controls.

Launch: Drone Racing will be released on November 10, 2020 on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.
Check it out here.

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