Be Heat Heated Vest with Hoodie – Requires Energy Financial institution, Not Included


Stay toasty warm in this Be Warm Heated Vest. Perfect for wearing on a cold day or when you don’t want to put on an extra layer of clothing, this cold-resistant battery-operated vest has three temperature settings that keep you comfortable at any time of year. It keeps your hands warm with its two internal pockets. With 7 heat zones and a fashionable design that’s perfect for casual, work, or play, this vest will effectively keep you warm throughout the winter months!

  • 7 heat zones. Helps you resist cold & keeps your upper body warm during your walks
  • Skin-friendly. Touches smoothly your skin while keeping you warm
  • Stylish design. Makes you look stunning slim fit in the boring cold day
  • 3 heat levels. Lets you choose the suitable temperature as needed
  • Side pockets. Lets you bring your valuables with you — keys, coin purse, phone, & more
  • Waterproof. Ensures you warmth & comfort even in wet weather

How It Works

  1. Connect the power bank (not included) to the USB plug inside the inner pocket of the vest
  2. Power on the power bank & press the button located on the outside upper chest of the vest
  3. Choose the desired mode:
    • Long press for 3 seconds to activate the heating
    • Blue light = lowest temperature
    • White light = medium temperature
    • Red light = highest temperature
    • Long press for 3 seconds again to turn it off

Cleaning Instructions

  1. Remove the power bank charger before washing the vest
  2. Hand wash or machine wash on cold, gentle cycle
  3. Air dry or machine dry on low



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