Bamboo Sleep Eye Masks: Removable, Washable & Reusable for Sizzling & Chilly Therapy


Introducing Ocushield® Bamboo Sleep Eye Mask, the world’s first and only FDA-registered device.

Leading research studies show that light sources, and particularly artificial light sources, are a major contributing factor in wakefulness. By blocking out the light source whilst also providing a weighted sensation, this promotes a healthy sleep period.

Create a sense of calm and relaxation with this weighted sleep mask. Heat and cool the material to help your eyes relax and reduce puffiness around the eyes while blocking out all light. Made by experts in Japan, who have over 40 years of experience, you can rest assured that this premium mask will be the best sleep accessory you’ll ever use.

  • Glass beads. Blocks out all light & has been designed to distribute a calming, weighted sensation across key pressure points around the eye area
  • Warm & cold eye therapy

    • When warmed the eye mask can be used to relax the eye area & open up any pores to allow oils from the eyelid glands to lubricate the eyes
    • When cooled the mask can reduce inflammation & puffiness around the eyes
  • Reversible

    • Ultra soft plush cushion. Warming touch on winter days
    • Cooling bamboo filter. Breezy feel for hot summer nights
  • Science-backed. Endorsed by the Sleep Foundation & is recommended by leading sleep expert Dr Whitney Roban


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