Avenli Inflatable Household Swimming Pool



Whether you want to enjoy a great summer pool from the safety and comfort of your home or and make fun memories with your loved ones, this Avenli Inflatable Family Swimming Pool is what you need. This inflatable ground pool has the ideal family size of 10ft x 30 inches — a compact design that will fit in many yards. Constructed with puncture-resistant, triple-layer material, this inflatable pool is durable, environment-friendly, and safe to use. In addition, it comes with an inflatable ring that is easy to inflate using a filter pump.

  • 10Ftx30″ Size: Compact design that will fit in many yards

  • Puncture-resistant material: Durable, environment-friendly, & safe to use

  • Triple layer: Will last for long-time use

  • Inflatable ring: It can connect to the filter pump; can be used as a drain when not connected

  • Drain plug: Save time & convenience

  • Easy to setup: Simply spread out on level ground, inflate the top ring, fill the pool with water

NOTE: Filter pump is NOT included.


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