Autel Robotics & DroneSense create UAS for public security

Unmanned aerial vehicle systems maker Autel Robotics and DroneSense, the leading drone software platform for public safety, announced a partnership that will allow UAS teams to use the full range of DroneSense features on their Autel EVO Production aircraft are tailored to the needs of public safety operators.

“Autel designed the EVO II Dual with public safety applications in mind. It offers a short deployment time of 30 seconds, the highest optical resolution available in a non-military application, a secure data policy and first-class flight times. Says John Kuch, Retired Fairfax County Police Department. “The DroneSense / Autel partnership provides public safety authorities with the best tools available to manage unmanned flight programs and coordinate flight operations.”

The Autel EVO II Dual is specifically designed to assist public safety personnel in detecting people and objects in non-light environments such as smoke / fog. It offers a picture-in-picture display with an RGB camera with 8K resolution for greater accuracy. This payload is offered by the thermal imaging camera with the highest resolution in its class. The EVO II Dual offers razor-sharp details for police and fire brigade, loss-free 4x zoom function and a flight time of up to 40 minutes.

“Autel Enterprise Robotics is excited about our relationship with DroneSense. The industry’s two best tool sets in the industry provide public safety with a powerful workflow and features that our customers have requested for many months, said Gary DeLuca, CEO of Autel USA. “With DroneSense supporting all EVO-series aircraft, including our US-made Autel EVO II Dual, the situational awareness and management game for public safety agencies is changing.”

DroneSense is the most comprehensive drone management and collaboration platform specifically designed for public safety. The platform enables safe and effective drone operation in demanding environments and enables operators to provide decision-makers with important real-time information. DroneSense provides drone pilots with an intuitive, consistent flight control interface for all of the drones in their fleet. Incident commanders gain comprehensive situational awareness through live video streams and telemetry data from drones in the air, as well as the ability to work with pilots and neighboring agencies without any problems. In addition, DroneSense provides program administrators with a complete record keeping system that can be used to collect critical data such as flight logs, hardware and personnel.

“We have seen increased public safety customer interest in the Autel EVO series, so our engineering team evaluated the aircraft and was impressed with its features and performance,” said Chris Eyhorn, CEO of DroneSense. “With our new integration, we can offer an expanded hardware option that will enable our public safety customers to have more successful UAS missions.”

Support for all Autel EVO series drones is now available on the DroneSense platform.

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