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Audio Professional’s wi-fi T3+ Aqua speaker lands with a recent summery paint job

Swedish sound specialist Audio Pro has unveiled a limited edition model of its T3+ wireless speaker to mark the arrival of summer. The T3+ Aqua, to give it its full name, is slathered in a bright, vibrant hue, reminiscent of a perfectly crested wave lapping lazily on the golden idealistic shores of a glorious tropical island paradise. Or, to put it another way, it’s a rather fetching green-blue colour. Which is nice.

Looks aside, the T3+ speaker itself remains the same as its white, gray and black variants, with a 25W amplifier, two tweeters and a long throw woofer making up the audio components. A 3.5mm audio jack permits good old fashioned wired connections, while Bluetooth is also available for cable-free listening. There’s no built-in streaming services like Spotify or options for Apple AirPlay, mind, so it’s very much a speaker for those looking for a pared back listening experience.

Audio Pro states that you can squeeze out an impressive 30 hours of use at half volume, dropping down to 12 hours at max output. Weighing 2.1kg and sporting a built-in handle, it’s easily portable with a design that blends in from living room to beach, and everything in between — though we’d try avoiding any direct contact with sand and water if you can help it.

Available directly from Audio Pro right now, it’ll set you back £200.

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