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Ather 450x electrical scooter receives efficiency enhancements by OTA replace

Ather electric scooter

Ather regularly rolls out OTA updates – the latest one offers performance improvements as well

Ather Energy, India’s leading manufacturer of electric scooters, has released an update for its app for Android and iOS. This update is primarily a patch that has Performance improvements as well as bug fixes. This update applies to owners of the 450X and 450 Plus. One of the fixes is that the color and name are now correctly displayed in the app.

The update is already available for Android users in the Google Play Store. iPhone users may have to wait a few days as the app store is still pending verification of the update. The Apple team is on the Christmas holiday until December 27th, which has resulted in delays.

Further expansion plans

Expressed in numbers, Ather Energy is currently included third place in the list of top selling electric scooters. It follows Hero Electric and Okinawa. Ather is ahead of other rivals like Revolt, Ampere, Benling and Pure EV. From April to September 2020, Ather had sold a total of 941 units. By comparison, the numbers for Hero and Okinawa were 2,629 and 1,836, respectively.

To increase sales, Ather is currently working on expanding operations across the country. In addition to Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad, Ather is now present in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad. Other cities on the radar are New Delhi, Kolkata, Kochi, Coimbatore, Calicut, and Kozhikode.

Further test drives with electric scooters are now possible in many new cities

In Phase II, the Ather electric scooter will be launched in several other cities such as Jaipur, Chandigarh, Surat, Noida, Lucknow, Nasik, Indore, Bhubaneswar, Hubli, Mysore, Vijayawada, Guwahati, Nagpur and Siliguri. If things go as planned, Ather would have expanded operations to 27 cities by the end of next year.

Athers new work

As Ather grows its presence across the country, demand is expected to increase significantly in the future. To achieve this, Ather has set up a new production facility in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. This plant is much larger, covering an area of ​​4 lakh square feet.

The estimated production capacity is 1 lakh units per year. If this new facility is fully functional, Ather would have catapulted itself from its current status as an EV startup to an established two-wheeler manufacturer. Ather has already stopped production at its facility in Bengaluru.

In every city that Ather has a presence or will launch its electric scooter in the future, the company will be Adding more charging stations. The availability of charging stations eliminates the fear of range. This is a critical step in motivating customers to switch from standard gasoline scooters to electric scooters. The Ather 450X has a range of 85 km on a single charge. It comes with fast charge and has driving modes of Eco, Ride, Sport and Warp.

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