Arzign Augmented Actuality Design App: Lifetime Subscription


The metaverse is coming. And if you want to join the modern era, it’s time for you to virtualize your experiences with augmented reality.

Arzign not only provides you with the tools to create augmented reality experiences for yourself and your clients, but also the knowledge you need. All it takes is 3 simple steps. Get ready to take control of your marketing content, in a way that’s never been done before.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Scan, source or create
    Upload your own 3D or 2D images, or take our unique AR Academy training to discover how to create 3d objects from scratch in Blender or in the real world using a phone scanning app.
  2. Generate your AR scene
    Follow the arzign wizard to create your AR scene in seconds, which you can directly test on your phone. Instantly publish it to a URL and then a QR code.
  3. Publish
    Get increased customer engagement and interaction with augmented reality and grow your own or your clients businesses.


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