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Apple’s new AirPods Three might hit the market as early as subsequent week

Let’s start today’s news with a brand new rumor about the possible launch of the new AirPods 3. We’ve had several rumors about Apple’s new wireless earbuds in the past few months, and it seems they’re not going to stop coming. Of course, that’s when the latest rumor is incorrect.

It seems we are dangerously near the launch of the new AirPods 3. So close we could see them next week. The latest rumor suggests they could hit the market on Tuesday May 18th, but like any other rumor, you should take it with some salt.

This information comes from YouTuber Luke Miani and was first discovered by Apple Track. He claims the new AirPods are ready to ship and will be announced via a press release. To make things a bit more interesting, Apple could also announce a new Apple Music HiFi plan that is due to arrive on the same day as the new wireless earbuds.

“Miani, who we contacted, said new AirPods could be announced on May 18th via a press release that might include an ‘Apple Music HiFi’ debut. AppleTrack has learned privately that Apple plans to release new AirPods in the coming weeks. “

Luke Miani doesn’t necessarily have a good or bad record of posting leaks as he doesn’t seem to share that much. However, he has something in his favor. A recent report suggests that Apple is preparing to announce its new AirPods in the coming weeks, and we saw some alleged pictures of the AirPods 3 as early as last month, but that was before Apple’s Spring Loaded event. Also, Apple is rumored to be working on a new high-fidelity audio streaming plan for Apple Music that will be announced the same day we update the AirPods.

The guys at 9to5Mac also found evidence in the beta code for iOS 14.6 confirming the possibility of a HiFi plan for Apple Music with Dolby Audio support. Now we just have to wait until next Tuesday to see if Mr Miani is right or not.

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