Apple shops are closing once more because the variety of Covid-19 instances has risen

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the tech world since the beginning of last year when several major events were canceled or postponed. It also made us enter a new way of life where we had to make some changes in order to coexist with the virus. Some of these changes include all-digital product launches, more people working from home, and we’ve also seen several stores close their doors to keep their employees and customers safe. That’s exactly what Apple is doing again with its Apple Stores.

We’ve seen Apple stores reopen their doors around the world, but a recent surge in Covid-19 cases has forced Apple to close several locations. Cupertino closed nearly 100 of its stores during the holiday season, leaving 401 Apple Stores open in its 509 locations worldwide. Now, if you are looking for an open business in the US, you will most likely find that it is limited to express collection of online orders.

Just yesterday, Apple closed two of its stores in Los Angeles. Eleven other stores closed today without knowing when to reopen their doors. As of earlier this month, all of Southern California has been in the order in which to stay home, but that order doesn’t force non-essential stores to close. This means that shopping centers and stores are still operating at reduced capacity. However, Apple may have decided to close its stores to protect its employees.

I update my COVID-19 Apple Store Tracker every day with the latest opening and closing information. Today I added a public map that shows which locations express storefronts were added at:

– Michael Steeber (@MichaelSteeber), December 18, 2020

If you want to find out if an Apple Store is open near you, you should take a look at the Apple Store Tracker Information Card. Here you can find out which locations are still open, which stores are operated with express pick-ups and which are currently closed.

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