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Apple is reportedly making a magnetic battery accent for iPhones

It looks like Apple is finally ready to take advantage of adding a magnetic ring to the iPhone 12 series. Yes, I’m talking about the MagSafe hardware that allows the new disk-like charger to snap magnetically onto the back of your iPhone and the expensive phones want to stick to your fridge too. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is developing a magnetic battery for iPhones that charges the phone by just clinging to the back magnetically.

Apple has reportedly been working on the neat magnetic charging accessory, which will sell like hot cakes by the way, for over a year, and was planning to launch it in the months after the iPhone 12 quartet was released. As mentioned above, the battery relies on the MagSafe hardware to stick to the back of your iPhone 12 for juicing the battery. One of the prototypes of Apple’s upcoming charging accessory is set to rock a white rubber exterior.

New ‘Mobile Charge Mode’ in iOS 14.5 Beta 2 for an as yet unannounced ‘Battery Pack’ and probably not a case as MagSafe is used to charge iPhone 12 devices. Interestingly, your iPhone is charged to 90% for “battery efficiency”.

– Steve Moser (@SteveMoser) February 16, 2021

However, it should be noted that the battery is only intended for charging. And so it wouldn’t serve as full-screen protective gear for the iPhone 12In contrast to the third-party battery cases available on the market. The battery reportedly offers strong magnetic coupling in internal tests, but all is not rosy for Apple’s upcoming accessories.

“In internal tests, the magnetic fastening system has been shown to be strong enough to keep the loading unit in place. However, the development of the accessory has been slowed down by software issues like the iPhone, which falsely indicate that the pack is overheating, ”the report adds.

The concept of Apple’s new accessories is similar to Mophie’s Juice Pack Connect

Given the above development challenges, there is a possibility that the magnetic charging battery pack could be delayed or even scrapped. The mention of the upcoming Apple battery was also mentioned in the iOS 14.5 code, indicating that the product may be launching soon. In addition, Apple also discussed making a MagSafe charging cradle for iPhones in the car.

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