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Apollo Ghost Electrical Scooter Evaluate: Quick, Enjoyable, and Full Suspension!

Between its powerful motor and large battery, the Apollo Ghost electric scooter has a lot to offer. But one of my favorite parts has to be the long-range suspension that makes this scooter a real urban attack scooter.

Whether it’s bouncing over potholes or bouncing curbs, the Apollo Ghost is built tough enough to take it all.

And the same long-stroke double swing arm suspension allows the same scooter you would ride to class to ride off-road.

Each wheel has an 800W motor in a larger than average tire.

All in all, this makes for an action-packed ride that is still on offer at a mid-range price of $ 1,499. Well, medium level compared to some of the even more expensive electric scooters we tested.

Check out my video below, then read on for the full specs and my experience with the Apollo Ghost electric scooter.

Apollo Ghost Video Review

Apollo Ghost technical data

  • Engine: Two 800 W continuous motors (1,600 W total)
  • Battery: 52 V 18.2 Ah (946 Wh)
  • Top speed: 54.7 km / h
  • Offer: 32-62 km (20-39 miles)
  • Weight: 29 kg
  • Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes front and rear as well as regenerative braking
  • Tires: 10 “pneumatic tires
  • Suspension: Front and rear adjustable suspension
  • Price: $ 1,499 with Free Shipping (Coupon Code ELECTREK for $ 100 in free accessories)
  • Extras: LED lighting front and rear, lower deck lighting, LED display with trigger, folding handlebar, two charging connections, tool kit, protection class IP54

Compared to many commuter electric scooters, 55 km / h is a big improvement.

This isn’t the fastest scooter, but it strikes a good balance between relatively fast speeds and an affordable price.

Don’t get me wrong, these speeds are fast enough to mess you up when you go downstairs and you should always wear the correct safety gear. But neither is this a 50 mph electric scooter begging for trouble.

At these speeds, I feel like I’m fast enough to keep up with most of the city traffic, but not so fast that I’m pushing my luck too far.

In any case, you should never go faster than you want to. The Apollo Ghost has the standard 3 power levels that allow you to limit your speed until you are comfortable driving faster. There’s also a Power / Eco button and a single / dual motor button, both of which can help contain this powerful scooter while you are still getting used to it.

Enough battery for days if used wisely

With an output of just under 1 kWh, this is a lot of battery – but by no means the largest on the market.

Appropriate driving seems to give me a range of 40 km. If I slowed it down further, I would probably be getting close to the company’s maximum range of 38 miles. And if I were to go full throttle all the time (I don’t even know where I would do this …) I’d probably get an even worse range.

All of this means that the Apollo Ghost offers a lot of range as long as you are reasonable.

Almost 1 kWh battery is enough for most drivers, and very few people commute more than 40 km on a scooter.

Performance meets comfort meets affordability

This is where the Apollo Ghost really shines.

It offers a lot of power (1.6kW to be precise) and a comfortable ride without breaking the bank.

You can climb hills and roll over rough terrain that would thwart most smaller and weaker scooters. You get a nice big deck to spread your feet on, and you even get a back platform for your back foot if that’s the way to go.

These double swing arm shock absorbers offer plenty of travel and work on both the road and the trail.

And the large (relatively speaking) 10-inch air-filled tires only add to the comfort and confidence this scooter offers.

Yes, they are still being swallowed up by the biggest potholes.

But simple uneven roads weren’t a problem for me, nor was driving on varied terrain, from grass fields to ping-pong-ball-sized gravel.

Build quality

The Apollo Ghost feels well made and solid under you. There isn’t a lot of plastic on this scooter. It’s mostly metal construction and feels very solid.

The folding mechanism uses a pair of brackets for rigidity, and there is a big old metal clasp that gives you the peace of mind that it won’t unfold on you until you are ready. Also, you get this nice foldable handlebar that can help the scooter squeeze into tighter spaces for transport or storage.

I would have loved hydraulic disc brakes, but the mechanical brakes seem fine and keep the price lower which is always a plus.

There is only the slightest degree of sag in the stem, but that is pretty normal for the course. You have to deal with weird stem designs before you lose this.

With Apollo’s full warranty and excellent track record in service, you can better be confident that these scooters are built correctly. These are form-fitting Canadians we talk about here, always there to help you out. You wouldn’t be able to stay in business if the scooters didn’t keep up.

Just because Apollo is Canadian doesn’t mean you will incur high shipping costs in the US. Not only do they ship for free, but they also have multiple service centers across the US. A local option is available in case you need assistance.

Final thoughts

In summary, the Apollo Ghost feels like a well-designed and executed commuter scooter that has the speed and power of other much more expensive scooters.

It doesn’t offer any crazy or super fancy features, but it’s solidly made and has the specs to compete.

A top speed of 34 mph is fast enough for most people, and the twin engines give you loads of power.

Ultimately, this scooter is all about balance and Apollo seems to have balanced the price and performance quite well.

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