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America’s most cost-effective quick e-scooter

Electric scooters or mopeds are becoming increasingly common on America’s roads. While some models are still quite expensive, I had the chance to test out the cheapest fast electric scooter out there today, the CSC Wiz.

In large part due to the proliferation of shared electric scooter companies, these seated electric scooters are finally getting the attention they deserve in the US.

As convenient as scooter sharing programs may be, understandably, many drivers do not want to share the vehicle they depend on. Instead, many prefer to have their personal ride available 24/7.

The CSC Wiz not only makes this possible. It also makes it affordable.

At just $ 2,495 (plus a few hundred merchant fees), the CSC Wiz can show up at your door with free shipping anywhere in the US. From there, your adventure has only just begun!

CSC Wiz video rating

Technical data of the CSC Wiz electric scooter

  • Engine: 3 kW (4 HP) rear hub motor
  • Top speed: 70 km / h
  • Range at 50 km / h: 53 km
  • Range at 30 km / h: 78 km
  • Battery: 72 V 30 Ah (2,100 Wh)
  • Empty weight: 91 kg
  • Load capacity: 155 kg
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes at the front, drum at the rear
  • Suspension: Telescopic fork, two rear coilovers
  • Extras: Including rear charging box, windshield, cruise control, USB charger, front storage compartment, three power levels, ignition lock, steering column lock

The right specifications at the right price

The first thing you will notice about the CSC Wiz is that it is not a 20 mph electric scooter that is actually an e-bike, nor is it a 30 mph electric scooter too slow to actually ride your real bike. World local roads.

With a top speed in the low 40s, you can actually drive this thing on pretty much any urban road. I spent a lot of time on 80 km / h roads. Although I stayed in the right lane and was overtaken by cars in the faster lanes, I didn’t feel dangerously slow on the road. And most of the people have less than 50 mph streets in their cities, which means the CSC Wiz will feel right at home.

The 3,000W motor is also quite peppy and can climb hills, although you’ll still be a little slower on the steep hills. The CSC Wiz is equipped with a hub motor, which means that a know-it-all will complain to me about unsprung weight. But let’s get real people. We’re not just talking about a vehicle under $ 3,000, we’re talking about a scooter as well. High-performance handling is not exactly part of the area.

That doesn’t mean the wiz isn’t being handled properly. The suspension is fine and does everything I need around town. But here, too, I’m not Valentino Rossi, who pulls his knee into corners and works at the limits of the razor’s performance. A little unsprung weight at the back is perfectly fine with me. And if it means a lower price and no chain / belt, then even better!

The 2.1kWh battery can be removed for charging when needed, although most people will likely park in a garage and therefore just leave it on the scooter to charge. I find there is a lot of range for riding around town. When I go faster, my range is less than 30 miles. But as long as I stay at normal city speed, I’m definitely over 30 miles of range. In the city it is possible to get 40 miles, but not if you fly fast all the time like me on wide open Florida roads. But that’s just how physics works. If you want to go fast, pay for it with range. Don’t blame the wizard, blame Isaac Newton.

I recently tested another electric scooter that offers twice the battery and twice the range, but also costs almost $ 2,000 more so you get what you pay for. If your normal commute is less than 30 miles and you don’t mind charging on your return, this is likely a long range for you.

In terms of performance, I’m honestly pretty impressed that you are getting so much scooter at the price. And when I speak of “so much scooter” check out all of the other things you see below.

Nothing special but still everything you need

Remember, this is not an electric bike, it is a DOT approved motor vehicle. That means you get fully regulated brakes, mirrors, electrical systems, etc.

The scooter isn’t exactly fancy – it doesn’t have the most eye-catching display or GPS tracking phone app. But for those who don’t want to pay extra for fancy frills, you will still get a ton with the Wiz.

First of all, it includes a windshield and storage box. Both are usually expensive accessories that need to be added to other scooters. The storage box doubles as a backrest for the passenger, which my wife absolutely loves because it makes her feel safer. If you’re looking to convince your reluctant partner to ride with you, backrest safety will go a long way, trust me.

And while the windshield isn’t tall, new drivers may not realize that it’s not about looking through the windshield, but actually acting like a windshield. It directs the air around your torso, making you more efficient, causing less gusts of wind in your body, and also keeping you a bit drier if the sky starts to jingle you.

If we continue to drive around the scooter, we will again be confronted with the general topic of “Not fancy, but everything you need”. Features like a USB charging port for your phone, a pocket clip for your groceries, and a front storage area provide great utility. And that’s exactly what this scooter is designed for: utility.

Let’s face it, this is not a sexy scooter. Nobody buys it to look cool. Scooters are already the minivan of the motorcycle world. So they’re damn better at their supply job, and the Wiz sure is.

The large seat is comfortable for both the driver and front passenger, there is storage space everywhere (and even a bit more under the seat!) And the scooter has all the safety features you would expect such as high beam / high beam lights, mirrors, strong brakes etc.

Summarize everything

Ultimately, I find the Wiz to be exactly what America needs more of: a simple but effective electric scooter that can travel on any street in a city, has enough range for most urban drivers, and does it at an affordable price.

The company is based in California and is incredibly responsive. They know their vehicles well and hand inspect them in their shop before shipping them 95% assembled to your door (I had to screw on the cargo box, windshield and mirrors). I’ve called their maintenance team with questions about other CSC vehicles and they know their way around. The ability to speak to your chief mechanic, Joey, on the phone in real time is invaluable – good help and service simply cannot be valued.

In fact, I’ve already tested a few CSC electric vehicles, including the slightly faster City Slicker electric motorcycle and the slightly cooler Monterey electric scooter. Everyone there knows their stuff, and CSC works the way companies run back when companies are proud of their personal touch.

The Wiz is a great scooter, although I have to blame it for its rather general appearance. But its great performance, fantastic price, and impressive company service make up for the scooter’s sleek Jane appearance. When I’m flying down the street at 43 mph, I worry more about bringing all of my groceries home than how cool I look anyway.

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