Alpine Four Unimaginable Aerospace Acquisition

Alpine 4 Technologies Ltd. (OTCMKTS: ALPP) was up 1,900% in 4 weeks on December 15. Its share price isn’t high – it rose from $ 0.04 on November 16 to $ 0.80 on December 11 – but the market, analysts say, Alpine 4’s acquisition of Impsible Aerospace was in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s decision was largely responsible for blacklisting the Chinese drone manufacturer DJI. Now Alpine 4 is adding another drone company to its portfolio – and could become a growing force in the industry.

Impossible Aerospace made big news when it was first exhibited a few years ago. The company was founded by Spencer Gore, a young engineer who had worked for Tesla and had an elegant idea of ​​improving flight endurance. The US-1 drone has battery cells integrated into the structure that allow the aircraft to carry more power for its weight. Equipped with heat sensors, it has a flight time of around 1 hour – a clear gain over other drones of this size.

Now Alpine 4 is making big news with the acquisition of Impossible Aerospace – just as the company completes its final delivery on a $ 1.5 million Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) contract with the US Air Force. This is a milestone that, according to Alpine 4, will open the door for new government contracts.

US drone manufacturers may have a significant advantage in getting contracts with the US government now. The recent decision by the US Department of Commerce to add Chinese drone maker DJI to its “Entity” list has raised questions about purchasing China-made drone technology and given US drone companies a new focus. In an interview with IT News Online, Spencer Gore and Kent Wilson, CEO of Alpine 4, had strong words about the impact of the decision on US industry.

“… The listing of DJI companies is an important step in breaking down a monopoly that has crippled American innovation for too long. American drone companies will now for the first time tilt the playing field to their advantage in order to build a robust and resilient domestic capability. You have the advantage of advanced, uniquely American technology: the world’s best microprocessors, advanced thermal cameras, graphics chips and machine learning hardware, ”said Gore. “We are aggressively expanding to bring next generation unmanned systems to the market at many prices and for many use cases. Alpine 4’s acquisition of Impossible Aerospace was only the first step in this initiative. The news that will be announced next year shows the intensity and scope of our goal: to become the largest manufacturer of small UAS in North America. “

“Despite their inferior airframes and flight times, DJI’s holdings in commercial drone space were predicted to continue dominating for years,” said Wilson. “This new event opens up billions of dollars in the world market for the US-1 and its future variants to dominate the market. I’m very excited about Impossible Aerospace and the opportunities it brings in the US commercial drone market. “

Alpine 4 entered the drone industry with the acquisition of Impossible Aerospace – and yesterday the company released a press release announcing the acquisition of medical drone delivery platform Vayu US. Their VTOL delivery platform will expand Alpine 4’s reach in the industry.

“Vayu’s platforms complement Impossible Aerospace’s multicopters. Both Vayu and Impossible Aerospace have unique characteristics that make their respective platforms beneficial and complementary depending on the end user’s needs. By merging these two companies into the Alpine 4 portfolio of subsidiaries, we will have a wider and wider range of commercial customers and will allow the company to gain a large share of the commercial drone industry, ”said Wilson.

With two platforms and a variety of applications in its portfolio, Alpine 4 is now facing a great story in both the drone industry and in market news.

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