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Alienware’s Idea Nyx is all about gaming on the go

As much as we like it to see gadget makers showing up at CES with things we can actually buy in the coming months, the annual Vegas Extravaganza is always full of weird and wonderful concept tech, too.

You can always count on Alienware to showcase a prototype or six, and this year is no different. What caught our eye is Concept Nyx, Alienware’s vision of what PC gaming at home could look like in the next few years.

It’s a pretty simple (and typically vague at this point) idea. Streaming is still touted as the future of gaming, but Alienware’s concept is not interested in streaming games from remote cloud servers, but rather doing it locally near your router. So you’d be limited to playing at home, but Concept Nyx envisions a world where you can seamlessly switch between screens and devices via an app, much like you currently do with TV and movie streaming apps.

For example, you could play The Forgotten City on your bedroom desktop PC before sending it to the living room TV and swapping the desk chair for the sofa.

Of course, this is already possible with services such as Nvidia’s GeForce Now or Steam’s Remote Play Anywhere feature, but with Concept Nyx, Alienware not only wants lag-free, low-latency performance, but also the ability to host up to four local streams at the same time, any PC can do that -Be games you own regardless of where you bought them. No bickering about which game is booting. If Fortnite isn’t your thing, you can play Rocket League in a different room using the same software. In theory anyway.

Again, Alienware is as non-specific as you’d expect from prototype hardware and software. We have no idea what the device you would need for all of the processing, how much it would cost, or whether the bizarre, spaceship-like controller that Alienware Concept Nyx used to demonstrate would be required to play.

Still, it’s definitely an interesting idea worth keeping in mind.

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