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AirPods Max vs Bose 700: Which Ought to You Purchase?

AirPods Max launched at a surprising price of $ 549. Hence, it goes without saying to compare them to the industry leading headphones. Here’s a comparison between the AirPods Max and the Bose 700, despite the obvious price gap between the two. While the former is a recently launched product for $ 549, the latter is available under the $ 400 price tag. It mostly sells for $ 379 without a discount and $ 339 with a discount. How do these two stack up? Is the AirPods Max worth the extra money? Let’s find out in our comparison.

AirPods Max vs Bose 700: design

Both headphones have different aesthetics. The AirPods Max has curved, rectangular cups in contrast to the oval cups of the Bose 700. In addition, the ear cups of the Max can be attached magnetically, which is easier to change than the Bose counterpart. Both have a stainless steel frame. While the stems of the AirPods Max hit the top of the cans, the stems of the Bose 700 cut the plastic ear cups in half. As for the headband, the former has a mesh canopy layer while the latter has a layer of cushioning over it. The AirPods Max is heavier at 384.8 grams, while the Bose 700 weighs just 254 grams. That said, both are impractical as neither of them collapses.


The AirPods Max offers more playful color options with space gray, silver, sky blue, green and pink, while the 700s come in black, luxury silver, soapstone and triple midnight color options.


The AirPods Max do not offer touch controls. The Apple Watch’s digital crown for volume control is unusual. The headphones have this crown and a dedicated noise-canceling button to toggle between ANC on / off and transparency mode. In contrast, the Bose 700 has both control buttons and a capacitive touch panel.


The AirPods Max comes with an unusually unusable case. It’s smaller than the competition but serves no other purpose than keeping the headphones on standby. In this case, you cannot take any cables or other accessories with you. The Bose 700 comes with travel accessories and the case protects the entire product.

AirPods Max vs Bose 700: performance

Both headphones are equipped with a variety of functions. The AirPods Max offers active noise cancellation, spatial audio, premium audio quality and much more. On the other hand, the Bose 700 is known as the king of the ANC. Let’s focus on all of these aspects in detail.

Sound quality and ANC

The AirPods Max have 40mm drivers in the ear cups that provide a great audio experience. Apple used a specially developed 40mm dynamic driver for the AirPods Max. They vibrate to the beat in a way that doesn’t put off the music or video, and make the sound more immersive than the Pro. It also has a dual neodymium ring magnet motor that is said to be modeled after those found in high-end floorstanding speakers. The spatial audio is amazing and better than the AirPods Pro of these headphones.

The sound quality of the Bose 700 is comparable to that of Apple. They have 8 built-in microphones to suppress ambient noise without compromising audio quality. There’s a conversation mode (transparency mode) that lets you hear what’s outside of your headphones without taking them off.

Active noise cancellation effectively suppresses background noise. Both audio devices have ANC. In the words of our own Jaime Rivera, ANC is “epic” on the AirPods Max. These are supplied with 9 microphones and Apple’s H1 chip for computer-aided audio performance.

Voice assistant

One big disappointment with the AirPods Max is that you get stuck with the Apple ecosystem. Hence, this is a product aimed at people who already own an Apple device like the iPhone or a Mac. The company offers Siri as a voice assistant for its headphones. On the other hand, the Bose 700 gives you more freedom. These provide space for your preferred voice assistant, including the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri.

Battery life

The AirPods Max are claimed to last up to 20 hours on a single charge with ANC and spatial audio enabled. Similarly, the Bose counterpart is also said to last up to 20 hours. However, unlike the 700’s USB Type-C, you have to juice the Max with a Lightning cable. In particular, the former won’t turn off and you put it in the case to put it on standby. Additionally, the AirPods Max lose around 2% of battery life per hour if left outside the case when not in use. This is not the case with the Bose 700.

AirPods Max vs Bose 700: which one to buy?

AirPods Max are way above the Bose 700. They offer advanced computer audio and seamless integration, as well as better integration with the Apple ecosystem. However, it may or may not be enough to adopt the Bose 700 with its industry-leading ANC. Both headphones offer similar battery life, but the 700 may last longer due to an option to switch. Ultimately, both products are high quality and you can’t go wrong with either.

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