AIR PLUS 500 Air Air purifier



The AIR PLUS 500 Air Purifier is a powerful air purifier that can purify 282ft3 smoke-filled chamber in 3 minutes, thanks to its CDAR rated value of 320CFM. With 5 speed adjustments and a 360° air inlet, this air purifier cleans up to 698 sq. ft. Equipped with 5 stage filter technology, this device is scientifically engineered to clean the air better than ever, capturing more than 98.98% of air contaminants. Its LED smart display shows your current air quality, temperature, humidity and provides filter status updates in real-time.

  • 5 Stage Filter Technology. Scientifically engineered to clean air better than ever

  • 360° Rotating Inlet. For full corner to corner air cleaning & odor elimination

  • UV Layer + Activated Carbon Screen. Eliminates hair, dust, allergens & pollen

  • 5 Speed Adjustment. Choose the right one according to your purification needs

  • LED Smart Display. Shows your current air quality, temperature, humidity & provides filter status updates in real time

  • Compact, Quiet Design. Perfect to keep next to your bed for all night purification


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