AgEagle acquires Measure: the end-to-end drone resolution

KS-based drone company AgEagle has acquired Measure, a provider of ground control drone operations software.

The combined cash and stock transaction for Measure valued at $ 45 million is the latest step in AgEagle Aerial Systems (NYSE American: UAVS) listed efforts to become “the company of choice for end-to-end drone solutions “A corporate release.

AgEagle was founded in 2010 as a service provider for agriculture. Measure was founded in 2014 as a drone service provider with a franchise model. Both companies have evolved with the drone industry: AgEagle now offers drone manufacturing and development services, drone delivery services, and software and services for the agricultural sector, including a specialty for hemp farmers. In January of this year, AgEagle took over the multispectral sensor company MicaSense and brought it into the sensor room.

Measure’s inspection services business was acquired by AeroDyne in 2019. Since then, the company has focused on the SaaS drone operating solution Ground Control. “Ground Control is a cloud-based plug-and-play operating system that offers pilots and large companies everything they need to operate drone fleets, fly autonomously, work together globally, visualize data and integrate into existing business systems and – Integrate processes, ”he says of the release. Measure “initially focused on commercial applications for drones, including agriculture, infrastructure, construction and insurance. Measure has expanded into government and military sectors and recently announced a project with the US Air Force,” the press release said.

Michael Drozd, CEO of AgEagle, stated, “Action is the next step in our company’s journey as we grow into a global leader in end-to-end drone solutions. and it compliments our recent acquisition of the advanced drone sensor market leader MicaSense. In addition to established industry partnerships with Microsoft, Google, Amazon Web Services and other leading technology companies, as well as a growing global customer base for the Ground Control software platform, Measure brings a world-class team of drone technology experts with extensive operational experience to AgEagle, tens of thousands of successful missions and recognition and respect of the Industry as one of the world’s leading companies for aerial intelligence solutions. “

Brandon Torres Declet, Co-Founder and CEO of Measure and recently appointed a member of the FAA Drone Advisory Committee, added, “AgEagle and Measure are fully aligned with our vision for the future of The Drone Age ™. As such, this merger represents a strong combination of strengths, experience and highly complementary skills and know-how that should set us apart as the world’s leading provider of true end-to-end drone solutions. “

For additional information regarding the acquisition, please refer to AgEagle’s Form 8-K filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which is available at www.sec.gov.

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