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After the chargers are not out there, Apple is contemplating eradicating the cables from the iPhone gross sales bundle

Earlier this year we heard rumors that Apple won’t be bundling a charging brick or headphones in the retail package of iPhones, and it eventually happened with the iPhone 12 range. But it was preceded by a survey in which Apple asked existing customers about the use of their chargers included in the retail package. Now Apple is back with yet another survey that asks users about two things – the charging cable that came with it and biometric security.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, Apple has started sending surveys to iPhone 12 users asking them what items (USB-C to Lightning cable, Apple sticker, and SIM eject tool) are in the sales package, that they actually put to use. Of course, the survey doesn’t give a lot of information about what customer behavior Apple is targeting and what it wants to do after the survey, but it sure is a sign of that Apple is again considering the value of bundling the above accessories in the retail package.

Apple removed the charging brick from the iPhone 12 series retail package to reduce e-waste. This led many to wonder why the charging cable was not reduced. We heard rumors about it too Apple may also remove the charging cable from the iPhone 13 series sales packageand that suddenly doesn’t seem too far-fetched at the moment.

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In addition, Apple’s survey asked customers about the security aspect of Face ID and how it works. Mind you, iPhone users have complained that facial recognition became obsolete in a year all about masks, which doesn’t work well with the authentication system. It is rumored that Apple will offer both Face ID and Touch ID systems in its next iPhone rangeSo the survey could be the company testing waters before moving on. Some rumors also suggest a built-in fingerprint sensor on next-gen iPhones, but we’re a bit skeptical.

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